About us

Close up Portrait of directors: Maya Nogradi and Luca Belardi

Luca Belardi and Maya Nogradi are co-directors of Quiet Please! Curtain up.

They share a background in aesthetics: Nogradi has a degree in photography and works as Editor for documentary film productions, while Belardi is a senior Storyboard Artist for re-known advertising and film productions.

Their projects, like Sentenced to Oblivion and Quiet please! Curtain up, face matters of ethical and moral nature, focusing on historical and socio-political topics that are excluded from the official historiography.

It is their opinion that Cinema is an alive and a necessary form of art. Its main task, today more than ever, should not only be that of entertaining, or worse, manipulating; but rather to encourage in the public an understanding of reality.

See their previous work: Sentenced To Oblivon